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TAROT OSD system w/ GPS TL300L

Product:TAROT OSD system w/ GPS TL300L





Product Description :
  • Applicable to Tarot mini 250/300 and FPV flight.
  • Chinese/English selectable
  • With built in barometer sensor and GPS module
  • There is preserved assembly hole on Tarot mini 250/300 kit for OSD.
  • Tarot OSD is equipped with the following functions: voltage/flight time/speed/height/distance/accumulate miles/longitude/latitude/satellite/azimuthal angle
OSD system button control:
  • After starting, short press the button to save the home position; long press the button to switch NTSC/PAL
  • In function setting, short press the button to select; long press the button to save.
Battery voltage calibration :
  • Check the actual voltage first. Start the voltage calibration function and enter the actual voltage.
  • Not applicable to battery voltage higher than 3S.
  • Language: Chinese/ English
  • Dual voltage range: 0~16.8V/ 0~30V
  • Output video: NTSC/PAL (selectable)
  • Operation voltage: 7~16.8V
  • Operation current: 100mA 12V
  • Size: 46x26x8 mm
  • Weight: 20G (w/GPS module)
  • OSD system x1
  • GPS x1
  • Manual x1