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Tarot Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna TL15T08

Product:Tarot Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna TL15T08

Category:650/680/690/750 Parts

Price:28 RMB  




    Note: This GPS mount is fixed by a M3*8mm half-round head screw with a non-slip nut, please make sure to tighten the screw to prevent the fixing base from loosening.

    Product Description:

    ·Full CNC precision machining using 6061T6 process aluminum alloy
    ·Suitable for use with all types of multi-axis aircraft GPS installed with Φ16mm pipe diameter
    ·Metal base locked and mounted securely
    ·Prevent vibration from affecting antenna performance
    ·Quick-fold design makes GPS easy to carry when folded.

    Product specifications:
    Metal GPS fixed seat × 1 (Φ29.4×12mm)
    Metal limit ring×1(Φ12×4.0mm)0.75G
    Metal GPS folding mount×1(Φ18×17mm)4.0G
    Φ4 metal antenna connecting post×1(Φ4×Φ6×16mm)0.7G
    Φ4 carbon fiber rod×1(Φ4×65mm)0.5G
    M2×12mm cup head sleeve socket head screw×1
    M3×8mm half-round head socket screw×1
    M3 anti-slip nut×1