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Tarot 140 FPV Drone /kit TL140H2

Product:Tarot 140 FPV Drone /kit TL140H2

Category:Multi-copter Frame




Product manual:
The Tarot 140 FPV race-level traversing machine (empty machine) for TL140H1 replacement parts, with a very fine novel visual experience, bring an extraordinary experience through. Inherited Tarot customary overall design standards, many clever ideas can be found in this machine through the machine.
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130 FPV race level through the machine TL130H1 / TL130H2 / TL130H3
140 FPV race level through the machine TL140H1 / TL140H2 / TL140H3
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Related equipment recommendation number:
Level flight control: standard TL300D
Brushless motor: standard MT1106 / TL150M1
Upgraded version to be purchased MT1106 (TL150M2 / TL150M3)
Brushless ESC: Standard 6A ESC / TL300G
Rotor Specifications: Standard 3-inch paddle TL150S1 (8PCS)
Upgraded version to be purchased separately TL150S2
Camera: standard NTSC standard TL300MN2 / PAL standard TL300M1 (1PCS)
5.8G300MW wireless map transmission transmitter: standard TL300N2
5.8G Figure transmission antenna: standard TL300K4
Lithium polymer battery: Optional (11.1V 45C 550MAH lithium polymer battery TL150A1)
SBUS or PPM receiver: purchase TL150F1 / TL150F2 / TL150F3
Product parameters:
    Wheelbase: 140MM
    Empty rack height / assembly height: 51.5MM / 55MM
    Empty rack length / assembly length: 238MM / 238MM
    Empty rack width / assembly width: 233MM / 233MM
    Set of machine weight: 45G
Product Specifications:
    140 FPV race level through the machine / empty × 1