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Tarot New Damping Ball/Gimbal Dampening Shock Ball/Small TL10A09

Product:Tarot New Damping Ball/Gimbal Dampening Shock Ball/Small TL10A09

Category:Gimbal Parts

Price:36 RMB  



Product Description:
·Tarot's Gimbal Damping Shock Balls(Small, Medium, Large);
·Imported rubber material,ultra-thin hollow smooth bore;
·Spherical body cavity filled with damping fluid;
·Utilizing the viscous damping properties of the liquid,the vibration energy of the instantaneous impact is dissipated as much as possible in the damping layer;
·Dissipates high frequency vibration energy with the slow,flexible resilience of the material;
·Greatly enhance the effect of high magnification HD gimbal,become a real water ripple nemesis.

Shore hardness (small):25HA recommended to use the extrusion of the pull structure to install more effective,the upper mounting holes 6.5mm/lower mounting holes 6.5mm. 70 grams of a single mounting recommended!

Note:It is strictly prohibited to squeeze the ball body with force,which will cause leakage of damping liquid,use upward pulling when installing,and downward pulling when dismantling.Need to replace the ball regularly to avoid failure.

Packing List:
Small damping shock ball(1g) ×4