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MD7932 metal gear digital servo / lock tail servo valve TL2980

Product:MD7932 metal gear digital servo / lock tail servo valve TL2980

Category:Landing Gear/Controller/Servo

Price:179 RMB  



Product description :
Hengji MD7932 digital steering gear:
High precision CNC machining metal shell.
Using high-strength, high precision, wear-resistant metal gear, to ensure that the steering gear after a long run after the output error is still very small.
MD7932 using high-quality hollow core cup motor, improve the efficiency and life of the steering gear.
MD7932 using Futaba servo the same quality, model into the Japanese import potentiometer, life expectancy of up to 100 million times.
MD7932 for 450,500 helicopter lock tail.
Product parameters:
Working voltage (V): 4.5 ~ 6.0V
Operating temperature (℃): - 20 ~ 60
Operating speed: 0.09 sec / 60 ° (sec / 60 ° 4.8V)
           0.07 sec / 60 ° (sec / 60 ° 6.0 V)
Torque: 3.5 Kg ∙ cm (Kg ∙ cm 4.8V)
       4.1 Kg ∙ cm (Kg ∙ cm 6.0V)
Dead zone width (usec): ≤ 3usec
Midpoint Pulse: 1520us Broadband
Maximum line rotation angle: ± 65 °
Motor: Five-pole hollow core cup
Potentiometer: imported from Japan
Product Specifications:
Size (mm): 35.0x15x29.2mm
Weight (g): 37g
Gear: 6 metal gears
Connection length (cm): 21