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Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/30X 1080P+Rangefinder Tracking+640 Thermal Imaging/Tri-sensor Gimbal T30X-3ATL

Product:Tarot 3-Axis Gimbal/30X 1080P+Rangefinder Tracking+640 Thermal Imaging/Tri-sensor Gimbal T30X-3ATL


Price:59999 RMB  






Product Description:
·The Tarot T30X-3ATL is a 3-axis zoom camera gimbal developed specifically for industry applications,with 30x optical zoom support in visible light;
·Adopting 1/2.8 CMOS sensor with 2.13 effective megapixels,it can clearly present the scene several hundred meters away in front of your eyes;
·Equipped with 19mm 640*480 resolution thermal imaging camera;
·At the same time integrated with 2000m laser distance measurement module,support for human and vehicle identification,target positioning, distance measurement and target tracking function;
·The pod adopts professional three-axis mechanical stabilization technology, which can be applied in many industries such as fire-fighting,forest public security,public security monitoring,search and rescue,and environmental protection law enforcement.

Product Features:
·Weight 910g;
·Visible light: the camera supports 30X optical zoom,effective pixels 2.13 million;
·Visible light: FOV range 63.7°to 2.3°,optical zoom range f:4.3 to 129mm;
·Visible light: video resolution 1080P@30fps; photo resolution 1920*1080;
·Visible light: color minimum illumination 0.01 Lux/f1.6;
·Thermal imaging: 19mm; 640*512;
·Supports PIP display for visible light and thermal imaging;
·Supports human-vehicle recognition,target localization,distance measurement and target tracking;
·Highly optimized vector control algorithms for servo motors;
·Mechanical 3-axis image stabilization,±0.01° image stabilization accuracy;
·Aluminum alloy structure design,lightweight and sturdy,good heat dissipation performance;
·Point axis supports ±360° infinite rotation;
·Supports one click to perform a one-click 90-degree downward overlook operation;
·Support S.BUS,serial port UART protocol,network port TCP protocol,CAN protocol control;
·Supports automatic/manual screen focus;
·Customized special ground station PC/Android TCA software can show control operation;
·Display and control software TCA: Android version supports display and touch screen control of the gimbal; Windows version supports display, use of the mouse and peripheral gamepad control;
·Compatible with mainstream ground station software (such as Skydroid FPV software,SiYi FPV software,QGC,AheadX Ground Station,JIYI Ground Station,RoFlying Ground Station,etc.),and also supports RTSP video streaming playback software (such as VLC, etc.).;
·Compatible with MAVlink2 communication protocol,compatible with open-source flight control QGC or missionplanner to achieve the image display of the gimbal camera,open-source flight control to achieve the coordinates,altitude and other information of the video overlay.

Product Specifications:
T30X-3ATL Gimbal ×1
Gimbal power cord/XT30-2P ×1
S.Bus receiver and serial debugging cable/6P ×1
ETH output and debugging cable/4P-RJ45 ×1
ETH connection cable/4P-5P ×1
UART serial control and CAN cable/5P ×1
Micro-SD memory card/64G ×1