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Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/All Aluminum Body/ With special battery M690A

Product:Tarot Multi-rotor Frame/Quadrotor/All Aluminum Body/ With special battery M690A

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:7900 RMB  



Standard Configuration
MotorTarot 6S/5006/290KVMartin Brushless Motor 6S/5006/290KV TL50M06
ESCHobbywing 40A
Hobbywing Xrotor-Pro -40A TL2939
PropsTarot 1865Tarot 18 inch Folding Propeller/1865 TL100D21
Battery20000mAh/6SM690 dedicated quick release battery

Frame Parameters
  Parameter name     Parameter value  Parameter name     Parameter value                
  Empty aircraft weight     2.18KG  Wheelbase      690mm                
  Battery weigh    2.14KG  Unfolding wheelbase    893mm
  Take-off weight    4.32KG  Folding wing wheelbase    290*326mm
  Max. wind resistance    Force 6 wind Center compartment size     200*100*38mm
  Flight distance     4000m  Altitude (aviation)    338mm
  Frame height    3000m  Battery Size  152*107*87mm
  Flight mode    Self-stabilizing,altitude setting,stay-behind,one-key return,etc.  
  Test environments    Sunny.25°C. Wind force 2  
 Drone endurance length is related to the test environment and battery capacity  
  Unloaded flight   18A≈50min  
  loaded flight   (0.5kg/22A)≈40min,(1kg/25A)≈35min  

Product Description:
·Tarot's new Quadcopter is a multi-axis kit designed for professional aerial photography users;
·Kit includes frame,motor,ESC,props,quick release battery(Overseas version only has a battery compartment because the battery can't be shipped);
·All-aluminum alloy one-piece center compartment;
·Novel quick-detachable T-shaped landing gear, as well as the arm folded back and forth design;
·Overall lightweight, easy to carry and other features;
·Empty takeoff weight about 4.3KG, maximum extra load 1KG;
·Easy to carry DSLR and other aerial photography equipment, with 40 minutes of unloaded long endurance stay time;
·Configuration can be upgraded to increase endurance.

The frame arm is constructed with an asymmetrical folding structure.

Shipping List:
M690 Frame ×1
Tarot 5006/290KV Motor ×4
Hobbywing Xrotor-Pro -40A  ESC ×4
Tarot 1865 Folding Propeller ×4
Quick Release Battery Set ×1
Portable aluminum box(49*36*47CM)  ×1