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Tarot thrower/Dji PSDK mount/quick release type/large load 20KG/Two-stage Thrower TL6102

Product:Tarot thrower/Dji PSDK mount/quick release type/large load 20KG/Two-stage Thrower TL6102

Category:Landing Gear/Controller/Servo

Price:5780 RMB  






Product Descriptions:
·Tarot's Dji PSDK two-stage thrower upgrade
·Made of 6063 aviation aluminum and 304 stainless steel through CNC machining assembly
·Structure using the design principle of mechanical leverage
·Reduces the output power required by the drive mechanism
·Compact size of the throwing device and the articulated structure of the lever does not get stuck due to the weight of the load
·By locking in the lower end of the Dji fuselage belly, a large load of 20KG can be carried
·The upper end of the thrower is designed with a press-type quick release structure, which can be directly locked inside the Dji chassis for quick disassembly and quick installation
·The DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface can be directly mounted on DJI Jingwei M210 V2 and M300 RTK drones (the firmware number of the aircraft must be updated to version V04.01.0000 of 2022.07.20 and above).
·Can be widely used in emergency rescue, material delivery and other work

Product Features:
1:Simple operation, can be directly connected to the Dji PSDK interface can be used quickly;
2:Our company's custom Dji remote control ground station PSDK button is simple and beautiful;
3:Independent control of each throwing device can be put in succession, without the need for sequential
4:Support independent single throwing, one key full throwing;
5:Drop speed of 0.1 seconds;
6:Product press type quick disassembly structure design, quick disassembly and quick installation;
7:Compact and beautiful structural design, can be directly locked in the body mounted in the Dji chassis;
8:Locking mechanism fixed in the Dji machine under the belly, solid and reliable bearing capacity;
9:Single throwing up to 20 kg, a total of 40 kg total throwing load;
10:The total weight of the product is 330g.

Product operating instructions and LED status light description:
1: Initial power on blue, red and orange lights are always on for equipment self-test, the red light goes out after the self-test is completed;
2: The blue light is always on and the orange light is flashing, which means the communication signal is normal and can be used normally.

In-depth expansion: If you have other specific functional needs and development, you can contact our company to communicate customization.

Patent Grant:

    The State Intellectual Property Office has granted Wenzhou Feiyue Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. a patent for this product (Patent No. ZL 2022 2 1377634.5).

Product specifications:
Tarot-Dji metal quick release bracket(67g)(131mm*117mm*36.5mm) ×1
Tarot-Dji two-stage thrower(211g)(90mm*36mm*64mm) ×1
Dji-PSDK module(45.3g) ×1
Type-C full function cable(6.4g)(13mm) ×1
Hexagon socket cup head screws (M3*8mm) ×2
Hexagon socket cup head screws (M3*10mm) ×2