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Tarot 10X two-axis ball pod gimbal / Support Upright and Inverted / HDMI output T10X-2A

Product:Tarot 10X two-axis ball pod gimbal / Support Upright and Inverted / HDMI output T10X-2A





Product Description:
·Tarot's new two-axis pod gimbal T10X-2A is a two-axis optical zoom pod gimbal specially developed for fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, unmanned boats, unmanned vehicles, robots and other multi-platform
·Gimbal camera supporting 10X the optical zoom lens, using 1/3 CMOS sensor, effective pixel 4 million
·The gimbal is equipped with high-precision 2-axis gimbal, full weight 305g
·Adopt Micro HDMI video output interface, support S.bus, serial protocol control
·Pod head support Upright / Inverted two installation methods, no need to set adaptive use
·Can be applied to fixed-wing drones, rotary-wing drones, unmanned helicopters, unmanned vehicles, unmanned boats, inspection robots and other intelligent devices in the fields of firefighting, forest security, public security monitoring, search and rescue, environmental law enforcement, etc.

Product Features:
·Weight 305g;
·Optical zoom camera supports 10x optical zoom with 4 million effective pixels;
·Field of view range of 66.6° ~ 7.2°, optical zoom range f:4.9 ~ 49mm;
·Video resolution 1080P@60fps; photo resolution 1920*1080;
·Color mode with minimum illumination up to 0.05 Lux/F1.6;
·Highly optimized servo motor vector control algorithm;
·Mechanical three-axis image stabilization, ±0.01° image stabilization accuracy;
·Aluminum alloy structure design, light and strong, good heat dissipation performance;
·One-click execution of one-click downward 90-degree look-down Operation;
·Support SBUS, serial port protocol;
·Support automatic/manual screen focus;
·Gimbal can support direct Upright or Inverted adaptive use without setting parameters。

Product Specifications:
HDMI version T10X-2A Gimbal × 1
S.Bus receiver and serial port debugging connection cable / 6P × 1
Movement infrared remote control × 1