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Peeper GS--Double screen industrial ground station

Product:Peeper GS--Double screen industrial ground station

Category:Ground Station/Engine Model

Price:62000 RMB  



TAROT offers three series and eight types of ground stations with its own patent rights, which may satisfy a range of individualized requirements and be matched and customized as per the demands of industrial clients. 

Description :

The “Peeper” unmanned aerial vehicle ground station system is applicable to high-end commercial and industrial unmanned aerial vehicle, and mobile control platforms used for beyond visual range (BVR) flight control design. Adopting intuitive, personalized interface design and real-time flight attitude feedback, the system allows the users to have sufficient understanding of flight state and equipment energy consumption, and experience BVR flight control by clicking the touch screen


Each piece of equipment of the “Peeper” ground station adopts highly integrated modular design and each electric component or device is designed with protective layer and installed as per industrial assembling requirements, giving extremely high safety and reliability. American original PELICAN safety protective box is used for the cabinet while the panel is designed with mortise-tenon work, offering certain rain-proof function. 

Peeper GS technical parameters :

1.GS PC  Pre-installed WIN10 and MissionPlanner GS software。Using Intel Core i3 Core series processors DDR3L 8G memory, 120G solid state hard drive, USB3.0.

2. Provided with 1 set of 15.6’’ industrial display, high-brightness displays,ground station map Settings to use touch industrial high bright 15.6 -inch display  , visible under strong light.

3. Supporting 2-way high-definition output and 2-way high-definition input. Built-in high-definition acquisition box. Possible for input in 1920*1080 (60p) and video recording in MPEG4 (MP4)
 1920*1080 (30p) . External connection with 2T Mobile hard disk or 64G flash disk is possible. 

4.Reserved mounts for Simulation  transmission.Built-in simulation  signal to HDMI signal. Reserved data link radio interface, support 433MHZ 800MHZ 900MHZ 1.2G and 2.4G and so on.

5.The system incorporates two vehicular antenna mounting bases, which may be used for image transmission and data transmission, effectively increasing the emission distance.

6. It visually shows such operating parameters as system voltage, current and power consumption. Also possible to set low-voltage alarm.

7.The system may operate under 220v input or 12v vehicular power supply. It has a built-in 11.1v 40AH high-capacity battery, allowing battery duration of 6-8hrs in outdoor environment. 

8.System integration 1080P 10 km HD transmission , comes with the installation of car antenna, the standard set included external car sucker antenna 

Important notice: This ground station incorporates 10km high-definition image transmission function. Data transmission is optional. Refer to the following optional list.

Powerful modular design characteristics

Provided with  15.6’’ industrial display,high-brightness displays,ground station map Settings to use touch industrial high bright 15.6 -inch display  , visible under strong light.

The cabinet is provided with data transmission

/image transmission vehicular antenna mounting


Mains switch adopts protective/waterproof design, which supports a lot of power supply/charging modes. 

A display system may show such operating 

parameters as voltage, current, power consumption and low-voltage alarm. 

Supporting AC220v and 12v vehicular power supply/built-in battery usage. 

It has a built-in 40AH high-capacity three-component iron-lithium battery and allows for

battery duration of 6-8hrs in outdoor environment.

It is featured by excellent over-charge/discharge resistance resistance, high energy density, 

good low-temperature property and good discharge property. 

It has a built-in high-definition video acquisition box, video signal input supporting 1920*1080(60 p) and independent power switch for image transmission/data transmission. 

It supports analog video signal output/MPEG4(MP4) 1920*1080 (30 p) recording/ external connection 

with 2T mobile hard disk or 64G flash disk. 

It supports 3-way high-definition output, 2-way high-definition input, and video signal switching on No.1 display

It has built-in WIFI that supports internet port input  ,built-in stereo

It is provided with automatic temperature control and heat dissipation system

It is provided with UAV full HD digital image

 transmission system which is featured by strong interference resistance, clearer and more stable 

images, short delay, and longer transmission distance. According to actual measurement, it may realize a flight transmission distance of more than 9.8km, the longest one we have realized when 

compared with a lot of equivalent products in the industry. 

TAROT offers three series and eight types of 

ground stations with its own patent rights,

which may satisfy a range of individualized requirements and be matched and customized as per the demands of industrial clients.

American original PELICAN safety protective box is adopted as the cabinet and featured by rigidity, water resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high/low temperature resistance.

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Specification :

  Length ×width×height:448×393×236mm

weight :14.98kg