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T10X-2A two-axis Gimbal Manual & Software V1.1

T10X-2A Gimbal Manual & SoftwareZYX T2D-10X Soft

Update Date.
2023.05.23   Instruction manual and ground station software V1.1 released
                        Gimbal firmware version number V1.0.0.20230517

June 06, 2023 Update
Instruction manual and ground station software V1.1.4 released
Gimbal firmware version V1.0.0.20230606 Optimized attitude solving capability

July 01, 2023 Update content
Gimbal firmware version V1.0.0.20230701 
1. optimize the serial port control command, cancel the serial port control protocol STD_Uart timing automatic sending and receiving;
2. adding four items of serial control: manual focus near, manual focus far, manual focus stop, and echo of the current magnification of the movement;
3. factory parameters of the serial port control with "Other_01" as the default value;
4. If you are controlling the gimbal by Sbus remote control, there is no need to upgrade.