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Tarot mini 250 FPV Kit TL250A

Product:Tarot mini 250 FPV Kit TL250A

Category:Multi-copter Frame

Price:108 RMB  



Product Description
  • Tarot mini 250 FPV Kit is easy to assemble. The integrated PCB can be directly connected to electric accessories (camera, power, ESC, 5.8G TX, antenna, and GPS module).
  • 2.1MM carbon fiber applied, the structure is simple.
  • Light weight, long operation time.  
  • Shaft Diameter: 250MM
  • Neat height/ Kit Height: 43MM/ 85.8MM
  • Neat length/ Kit length: 195MM/ 288MM
  • Neat Width/ Kit Width: 219MM/315MM
  • Bottom Height: 21.8MM
  • Neat Weight/Takeoff Weight: 115G/430G (with 2200MHA battery)
  • 2.0 Middle CF board x1 (159x33x2.0MM) 11.7G
  • 2.0 Front CF board x1 (219x49x2.0MM) 16.5G
  • 2.0 Back CF board x1 (219x58x2.0MM) 16.9G
  • 1.0 front CF board x1 (159x33x2.0MM) 1.3G
  • PCB x1 (181x106x19.5MM) 28G
  • Plastic landing gear x1 (175x108x43MM)25G
  • Front metal mount x1 (73x10x8MM) 5G
  • M2x4MM Hex screw 0.2Gx7
  • Upper metal mount x2 (48.5x4x8MM) 1.7G
  • M2x12MM Cup hex screw 0.3G x6
  • Flight controller tape x1 (35x35x1.5MM) 0.5G
  • Battery strap x1
  • Battery Velcro strap x1
  • Instruction x1

With multiple camera mount, integrated PCB, and 2.1MM main board.  
With XT60 connector, and GPS connector. ESC can be soldered to PCB.  

Equipped with 450PRO plastic landing gear.

With extreme light weight, enjoy your FPV flight with Tarot 250 FPV kit!